Toma, Keith

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Personal Details

Name: Keith Toma
Position/Rank:Chief Engineer
Ethnicity:Pacific Island, Tuvaluan
Date of Birth:22/08/1941
Date of Death:07/10/1999
Age at Death:58 Years
Location of Death:


Date of Accident:07/10/1999
Location of Accident:
See also:
Further Info:Information from the Maritime Safety Authority.


Fili Toma submitted: This is my father aka Kiteli Toma. He was working for Anton Fisheries on an away trip when he passed away, cause was a heart attack. I just wanted to say he was a loving man, a good father and those he worked with would know he was a very hard man both professionally and personally. He will always be missed by all of his family and friends. He lived on the sea, travelled on the sea and died there, RIP.

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